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Zoella: One of the most influential and successful youtubers ever. She is also someone who has been a person I have looked up to for years. Zoella is the second name to the bright and bubbly person Zoe Sugg. She created her blog in 2009 and then later after that she created her youtube channel. She is now known for her youtube channel which gives you all of the details on what she is loving and using at the moment. Zoe is the first youtuber I ever started watching and then my subscription list grew form there. She has given me so many recommendations on products and advice on what not to buy.
Zoe is so successful she has brought out two novels and a range of beauty products and there is no doubt there is more to come. Zoe's first novel is named Girl Online and broke the record for the fastest selling novel, beating J.K. Rowling. She released the second book in October of 2015 but the sales did not reach that high.

Zoe's beauty range, Zoella Beauty, was a hit from the beginning and was sold out in most stores on the first day. Her beauty range launched on the 26th of September, 2014. Since the launch she has added new collections to her range and has discontinued some of the problematic products. She plans to launch many more collections in the future but her latest launch has been new additions to the original range. I have talked about two of her products in my latest post, "My Current Favorites!". Click here to view that post.
Zoe now has accumulated 10 million subscribers and counting on her youtube channel and I am sure all of her subscribers are very proud of her for reaching that many. I know I am. She makes beauty and lifestyle videos on her channel as well as challenges and collabs with other youtubers, one of them being her youtuber boyfriend, Alfie Deyes. She and Alfie also share an exhibit at Madame Tussauds in London where you can see their wax figures that were revealed in September of 2015.
I am sure not many people at 26 can say that they have been a best selling author of two novels, reached ten million subscribers on youtube, and released a beauty range at just the height of their career but I know Zoe can. Her fashion and beauty empire is now on the rise and will probably not stop soon. Zoe should be appreciated for all of her hard work and dedication to what she does and yet she does not always get it.
I will link Zoella's blog and youtube below and you should make sure to check her out because I'm sure you will love her.

Love, L.

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